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Best Mortgage Quotes helps you to find the best mortgage deals currently available in New Zealand and customised according to your exact needs and circumstances. Best Mortgage Quotes is made up of a network of mortgage companies throughout New Zealand.

All the members of our network are authorised and licensed to provide mortgages and other financial services. This is a unique service that enables you to find the very best financial products and services, while saving you both time and money.

They will let you know:

  • 1Which companies should approve your application
  • 2Which are most suited to your particular needs
  • 3How to put your mortgage in place quickly

How it Works:
When you fill out and submit a form on this website you will automatically make direct contact with mortgage firms based on the selections you have made. For example if you are located in Auckland and need a mortgage firm servicing the Auckland area then you will receive the details of such a firm.

Any quotes and advice that you receive will be provided directly by that firm and not by

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